Bastille Day

Yesterday I was able to celebrate Bastille Day here in Lyon with some amazing friends. I spent the evening in town watching fireworks explode over an ancient basilica and it was breathtaking. My time here in Lyon is coming to a close and I can’t believe it…but I’ll save that for another time.

Chez Martial

Last night was the last dinner I’ll share with Auburn and Austin at our favorite restaurant here in France. We discovered Chez Martial at the beginning of our trip and it’s been our favorite place to dine ever since. Even though this was the place that I had my first and only interaction with boudinContinue reading “Chez Martial”

America Day in France

This year was the first year that I didn’t spend the Fourth of July with my family. At first, I was pretty upset that I wouldn’t be seeing any fireworks and wouldn’t be able to eat hot dogs and chips and a variety of other incredibly nutritious American foods but then realized that the FourthContinue reading “America Day in France”

Have you ever eaten a pig’s foot?

Tonight I quite possibly made the worst decision of my life. I ate a pig’s foot, tail and ear. Go ahead and read that again.. pig’s foot, tail and ear. I ate them. Worst decision ever. Auburn and I were out to eat in Vieux Lyon tonight and decided to be adventurous. Or at leastContinue reading “Have you ever eaten a pig’s foot?”

My host sister is better than your host sister.

TODAY IS A GREAT DAY. I FINALLY HAD MY MEXICAN. LIKE REALLY. So.. basically I have the absolute best sister in the entire world. I was out this afternoon with Auburn for drinks and a snack, just walking around our favorite part of Lyon, taking in life in Vieux Lyon. Around the time we wereContinue reading “My host sister is better than your host sister.”

Ghostface Encounter

Yesterday was an awesome day. Miniatures museum, that’s all I got to say. ..okay, actually that’s not all I have to say, I have a lot more to say. That place was awesome. They had all originals of so many things and it was incredible. For starters, before you even walk into the museum, thereContinue reading “Ghostface Encounter”

And so the quest for Mexican food begins…

I.. Need.. Mexican.. Food.. Soon.. Honestly, I’m not sure how much longer I can last without my chicken nachos from back home. It’s only been two weeks and I’m already dying from deprivation of the deliciousness. Not to mention chips and salsa. OMG. I’d kill for that right now. So, this undying hunger is whatContinue reading “And so the quest for Mexican food begins…”

Studies and Heinekens and Johnnys

So, today I found Johnny Depp (sort of) but we’ll get to that later. Four hours of classes in completely fluent French is starting to take its toll on me and it’s only the third day of classes. You might not think so, but it’s exhausting. Also, we apparently have a quiz every Thursday soContinue reading “Studies and Heinekens and Johnnys”