Studies and Heinekens and Johnnys

So, today I found Johnny Depp (sort of) but we’ll get to that later.

Four hours of classes in completely fluent French is starting to take its toll on me and it’s only the third day of classes. You might not think so, but it’s exhausting. Also, we apparently have a quiz every Thursday so that’s cool. Guess what I’m doing tonight. That’s right, watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail to prepare for my civilization quiz. The best part is.. I’m being totally serious. See, that clip featured French knights and centered around King Arthur, whom we mentioned in class today. My decision is totally justified.

On to the more interesting parts of my day now. Austin and I found a quite cute little boulangerie – which is my favorite French shop to get food from. I got some delicious quiche, while he chose a sandwich but I forget what kind. I do remember, though, that he said it tasted like the smell of the produce aisles at home.. so, you can take that as you want. We found a little park bench in the square and sat and ate in the baking sun and then after of course we (I) had to go to a patisserie to get some amazing chocolate snacks. We don’t eat much over here but when we do eat, man do we eat.

After lunch we met up with Auburn who had just finished classes and went to Vieux Lyon to walk and get a drink and just chill for a while before departing and going home to study for the entirety of the evening. This is when I saw Johnny.


Yes.. Yes, I am wearing a Johnny Depp tee while standing next to the Johnny Depp statue.

I’d already found this cute little candy shop once before while walking through Vieux Lyon but it was closed the first time. This time, however, it was extremely open. The candy shop was called “The Pirate’s Candies” so you can imagine my excitement the first time I saw it, before I even noticed the Captain Jack Sparrow statue in the window. So, naturally we go in and buy lots of candy and I take a picture with the statue of the most gorgeous man on the planet. The highlight of my day, of course. And now I’ve been eating lots and lots of candy in my room while studying and I’m beginning to not feel so well.. but it was still TOTALLY worth it.

Wish me luck on my two quizzes tomorrow!

Life Decisions, Passionate Goals

With classes winding down and my second year in college coming to a close, I’ve made some life decisions. At the start of my college career, I had decided to be an editor at a big time entertainment magazine somewhere in L.A. or New York. I still want to live in L.A., but now I don’t want anything to do with magazines. After deciding not to become a writer for a magazine, I switched my journalism emphasis from Magazine Journalism to Strategic Communication because I’d rather actually know the people in entertainment, as opposed to just writing about them. This all sounds pretty normal, right? People switch their majors all the time in their first years of college. However, my story has a twist; I want nothing to do with Journalism.

For the majority of my life, I’ve loved movies. They are my passion and my love. I want to act. Ever since I was a young child, I’ve wanted to act in movies. I remember being about six years old and telling my parents in the car one day while driving across a bridge that I wanted to be in Matilda or Annie, a movie like that. Fourteen years later, that yearning has done nothing but increase to an overwhelming part of my life. I find myself sitting in classes and letting my mind wonder to places filled with cameras, red carpets and flashing lights. I literally get butterflies when I picture my life in movies.

Now, many will probably think that I only want to be in movies to be famous or something else shallow like that. That’s not the case at all. No, my passion is much deeper than that. Throughout high school I was involved in every play that was put on during the four year duration I was there. Whether I had a starring role, was the director or just an usher, I made sure that I had some part and responsibility in everything that was done in our theatre. I loved it – everything about it; being on stage, becoming a completely different person than in my actual life. I love getting to know the character I play and morphing into someone that is the exact opposite of me. I can’t even really describe it, the feeling I get while performing for audience members. I live for it. That’s why even though I’m majoring in Journalism, I want nothing to do with it. I know that there’s no other career path for me than that which includes acting. Absolutely no other career.

Throughout the years, I’ve come to admire many actors in the world. These people have paved the way for me to become like them. Not in every way, but these that I admire have a lifestyle separate those of the Hollywood gossip scene. These actors are phenomenal and well-known, yet keep to themselves and don’t let the fame reach their heads like so many others in the world. This is what I strive to do when I move to California after graduation to pursue my acting career; I want to keep a clear head, but also maintain a steady life of acting. Johnny Depp is the number one actor that I admire in the world. He’s managed to pick roles that he saw fit, not just roles that would shoot him to fame. He handpicked everything and doesn’t flaunt his fame. In fact, he hides from it. Hayden Panettiere and Jennifer Lawrence also rank high in my standards because both of them also pick roles suited to them and manage to keep their heads out of the clouds as opposed to being greedy for money and attention. Lawrence chose multiple independent film roles before choosing to take on the role of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, and though Panettiere has grown up in the spotlight, she still wants to better the world through wildlife organizations. Stars like these are the ones I strive to be like.

I know it sounds silly and crazy but I’m a very determined person. I work hard at what I do and love. If I put my mind to it, I can accomplish anything. So, that’s why I know that I can do this and eventually make my living as an actor. The fame isn’t for me, I want to keep my normal life and privacy, which is why I’m not doing this for the fame itself. I’m doing this because I have a genuine love for the art of acting and strive to make my entire life out of it. So, after graduation in 2014, I’ll be moving to California to live out my dream. Wish me luck.

As Olive Madison, lead in the female version of "The Odd Couple," at Lawson High School, Lawson, Mo. Fall 2009

’21 Jump Street’: 5 out of 5 stars

By Megan Suddarth

Published March 20, 2012

The movie “21 Jump Street” is based upon the ’80s TV series of the same name that shot Johnny Depp to instant fame. The opening scene, set in 2005, sees Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) in their real-life high school scenarios: Schmidt a “not-so-slim-shady” nerd and Jenko the classic airhead jock. The two are polar opposites. Jump forward to present day and they are now undercover officers in the Jump Street program because they’re viewed as unprofessional due to botching up their first bust by failing to read the perp his rights.

While undercover, the duo finds itself caught up too much with the everyday high school activities, living out their past dreams as adolescent teens and almost completely messing up their entire assignment.

Eric Molson (Dave Franco), Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) and Mr. Walters (Rob Riggles) also add a lot to the screen. Molson is an eco-friendly, tree-hugging pretty boy that spends his time writing nature songs and selling drugs to seemingly everyone at high school. Capt. Dickson is a hard ass who can’t seem to talk at a normal voice level, and Walters is the classic teacher who never left high school behind, loathed by the entire school. All three of these characters add their own spice to Tatum and Hill’s already spectacularly concocted performances.

With their undercover roles the opposite of how high school really was seven years ago, Jenko finds himself a nerd and is bewildered by (and also totally jealous of) Schmidt’s instant popularity. His stupidity and Schmidt’s un-athleticism make for a wonderful combination, which are shown throughout the movie.

With references to multiple episodes from the show, the comedy lives up to the potential of the series for those with knowledge of the original. However, one doesn’t need to know anything prior to the movie; it’s hilarious either way. Sex jokes, chase scenes and awkward Jonah Hill moments fill the screen with nonstop laughs for the crowd. Not gonna lie, seeing Tatum run in skinny jeans and Hill run in Peter Pan tights is quite a riot.

Definitely mind-blowing, this movie takes hilarity to the next level. Never has a movie combined so much vulgarity and profanity to pull off such a comedic success. It’s not often that such dirty jokes don’t detract from the awesomeness of the film, and in fact, these profane and sexual jokes actually add to it. Laughs galore in every scene, “21 Jump Street” will leave the viewer with sore abs in the end.

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“The Lone Ranger” (2013)

I honestly cannot wait for this movie to come out.. For multiple reasons.

1) JOHNNY DEPP – Need I say more? Well, no, of course not. Johnny is pure genius, personified. He brings humor and genuine talent to every movie he’s in. Literally, no movie that he’s been in would be complete without him. Even going back to his early days, his talent shone through in every role he took on. From Edward Scissorhands to What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and even his first film, A Nightmare on Elm Street, those characters completed the films (at least in my opinion). I can’t say enough about how I adore his skill to transform a regular role into something wonderful and spectacular. The point? The guy is mind-blowing. End of story.

2) Helena Bonham Carter. Say what?! I had no idea she was going to be in this film, and now that I know, I couldn’t be happier. This woman has a spell on me. Seriously, she’s phenomenal. She’s beautiful and talented in a very unconventional way. She’s not the typical blonde hair-blue eyed-fake beauty that our society has made the standard. No, she’s amazing in a real and original way that accentuates her acting abilities. She can pull off creepy in an I-wanna-kill-you-and-bake-you-into-a-pie-type way (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street), while also being a total sweetheart in an Oh-crap-my-fiance-married-a-dead-girl-but-I’ll-forgive-him-type way (Corpse Bride). Yeah, she’s pretty fantastic, too.

3) Gore Verbinski is directing. This is the guy that directed the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films, so you know there will be many action sequences packed with explosions and combat. So, that’s a pretty awesome reason to see this movie as well. ‘Cause I meant, come on, who doesn’t love the occasional cinema violence?

Everyone already knows that Johnny and Helena combined makes for a spectacular combination of awesomeness – so that awesomeness should only be enhanced with Gore thrown into the mix.