A week and a half has gone by since I moved back home and I’m still overjoyed to be back! Since coming home, I’ve spent all of my time just indulging in lost family and friend time. The first full weekend I had my baby cousins the whole time and I didn’t let them outContinue reading “Readjusting”

Back Stateside (For Now)

I’M HOME! After one year, eight countries and 22 cities, I’m back in America! It was one crazy ride of a year and I enjoyed every second. So much travel, so many foreigners, so much food. And now I’m back. After wheeling my oversized monster suitcases through Dublin and the airport and then an exhaustingContinue reading “Back Stateside (For Now)”

My host sister is better than your host sister.

TODAY IS A GREAT DAY. I FINALLY HAD MY MEXICAN. LIKE REALLY. So.. basically I have the absolute best sister in the entire world. I was out this afternoon with Auburn for drinks and a snack, just walking around our favorite part of Lyon, taking in life in Vieux Lyon. Around the time we wereContinue reading “My host sister is better than your host sister.”

And so the quest for Mexican food begins…

I.. Need.. Mexican.. Food.. Soon.. Honestly, I’m not sure how much longer I can last without my chicken nachos from back home. It’s only been two weeks and I’m already dying from deprivation of the deliciousness. Not to mention chips and salsa. OMG. I’d kill for that right now. So, this undying hunger is whatContinue reading “And so the quest for Mexican food begins…”