My Summer Studying Abroad

The summer of 2013 found me studying abroad in Lyon, France. This is where I discovered my passion for wanderlust and was left with an unquenchable desire to see the world. From exploring my beautiful town, Lyon, to venturing to the wondrous lake of Annecy, to roaming the streets of Cannes, here you can read all about that first summer that introduced me to true travel.

Leaving Home Behind

Well, this is it. It’s my last night in this wonderful country that I’ve come to love with all of my heart. Tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving my home behind and a piece of my heart. This has been the most wonderful summer of my life and I hate to see it come to anContinue reading “Leaving Home Behind”

Bastille Day

Yesterday I was able to celebrate Bastille Day here in Lyon with some amazing friends. I spent the evening in town watching fireworks explode over an ancient basilica and it was breathtaking. My time here in Lyon is coming to a close and I can’t believe it…but I’ll save that for another time.

Le Tour de France

Today I went and saw the Tour de France. And it was amazing. Another Bucket List item checked off. Seriously, so blessed.

Chez Martial

Last night was the last dinner I’ll share with Auburn and Austin at our favorite restaurant here in France. We discovered Chez Martial at the beginning of our trip and it’s been our favorite place to dine ever since. Even though this was the place that I had my first and only interaction with boudinContinue reading “Chez Martial”


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