Oh, those Americans.

I have to share an encounter I just had at the boulangerie down my street.

As I was stood in line eagerly awaiting to order my quiche for lunch, an older American man was in front of me ordering in the typical American fashion – loud and specific. Everyone in line was helping him order and it was quite a cute spectacle to witness. I was just standing there smiling at how American we Americans really can be as I began my order. Fluent French and confidence exuded from my person as I demonstrated my stance as a “local.” Though no one knew I was American as well, I did and therefore I wanted to prove the stereotype wrong. I placed my order, paid and walked out still smiling over the old man.

Then, thirty seconds later, I look down to see that I’d in fact walked off without my quiche and as I’m turning to go back, one of the workers runs up from behind me to tell me I forgot my food.

So much for proving the stereotype wrong.

Studies and Heinekens and Johnnys

So, today I found Johnny Depp (sort of) but we’ll get to that later.

Four hours of classes in completely fluent French is starting to take its toll on me and it’s only the third day of classes. You might not think so, but it’s exhausting. Also, we apparently have a quiz every Thursday so that’s cool. Guess what I’m doing tonight. That’s right, watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail to prepare for my civilization quiz. The best part is.. I’m being totally serious. See, that clip featured French knights and centered around King Arthur, whom we mentioned in class today. My decision is totally justified.

On to the more interesting parts of my day now. Austin and I found a quite cute little boulangerie – which is my favorite French shop to get food from. I got some delicious quiche, while he chose a sandwich but I forget what kind. I do remember, though, that he said it tasted like the smell of the produce aisles at home.. so, you can take that as you want. We found a little park bench in the square and sat and ate in the baking sun and then after of course we (I) had to go to a patisserie to get some amazing chocolate snacks. We don’t eat much over here but when we do eat, man do we eat.

After lunch we met up with Auburn who had just finished classes and went to Vieux Lyon to walk and get a drink and just chill for a while before departing and going home to study for the entirety of the evening. This is when I saw Johnny.


Yes.. Yes, I am wearing a Johnny Depp tee while standing next to the Johnny Depp statue.

I’d already found this cute little candy shop once before while walking through Vieux Lyon but it was closed the first time. This time, however, it was extremely open. The candy shop was called “The Pirate’s Candies” so you can imagine my excitement the first time I saw it, before I even noticed the Captain Jack Sparrow statue in the window. So, naturally we go in and buy lots of candy and I take a picture with the statue of the most gorgeous man on the planet. The highlight of my day, of course. And now I’ve been eating lots and lots of candy in my room while studying and I’m beginning to not feel so well.. but it was still TOTALLY worth it.

Wish me luck on my two quizzes tomorrow!