Goodbyes Are the Hardest Part..

I knew when I moved to Paris, that I would get attached and it’d be hard to move away.

I knew that after spending a year of my life with a family separate from my own and caring for children who weren’t mine, I’d find it difficult to leave.

I knew that I’d fall more in love with Paris than I’d ever been before.

But nothing prepared me for how I truly felt today after my last day with my kiddo.

Let me start by chronicling the past week because it was full of adventures.

I spent my last few days with my family in their apartment instead of mine due to the immense heat wave that has enveloped Paris and the lack of air conditioning anywhere in France. Living under a metal roof on the top floor of your building can be difficult at times – I found that out this week especially. However, I loved sleeping at the flat with my family and waking up to have breakfast with them in the mornings; it’s something I hadn’t done at all this year. Even though the unbearable temperature has been miserable, it was well worth it to spend my last few days so close to them.

One of the things that A and I did for our last few days was go to the carnival that just opened up this week. I was so glad he wanted to go because I’d been dying to since I first saw the colorful equipment going up. Taking care of kids it’s only fitting that I’m still a kid at heart myself, right? We rode rides and had a grand ole’ time all afternoon but I gotta say, the best part was the first thing we did. The Donkey Kong ride. A runs over to the line and starts jumping up and down excitedly and grabbing my arm and screaming. He kept repeating how he’d never ridden this ride before but he’d been wanting to for over a year. He kept screaming all the way through the line, while we climbed into the boat seats, as we were slowly being pulled up the big slide and as we swiftly dropped to the bottom of it. He screamed with glee the whole time and I’d never seen him so happy. The rest of the day didn’t even matter because I’d made my little guy ecstatic by riding along with him. 

 The next day we went to the movies and saw a surprisingly hilarious franglais kiddie film. Half of the movie was franglais and English and the other half was French.. Jokes like, “(In a thick French accent) I am so happy to be your new French tee shirt,” had me in hysterics the whole time.

Along with the wonderful time at the carnival and movies, this week my host mom and A took me to a nice sushi dinner and guess what.. I found out I like sushi! I hated it two years ago when I tried it for the first and only time but this go I loved every bite. 

 We laughed and talked and drank over dinner and I could feel myself becoming more and more aware that I’m leaving in just a few days..

As the final day approached, I didn’t allow myself to think about how this was the last time I’d walk my kiddo to school. Or the last time I’d pick him up. Or the last time we’d play Connect 4. I couldn’t bring myself to face the fact that tonight I was going to say goodbye to my reason for coming to France and the reason for my happiness in Paris.

A and I spent our last night together playing Connect 4 and listening to minions songs. When my host mom came home and it was time to say goodbye, A hugged me for a long time and wouldn’t let go. As he and his mom walked out the door to catch their train, he kept looking back every two seconds to wave again. When he finally got through the door, he turned around again to blow me a kiss goodbye.

To All My Americans Whom I Love Back Home: Birthday List!

Alright people. My birthday is coming up in two and a half weeks, so that means all of you who love me have just enough time to buy and send me wonderful presents that will make me feel all warm and fuzzy and loved while I’m an ocean away. So I thought I’d go ahead and whip up a quick list of things I’d love to receive for my 23rd birthday (whoa, weird.. 23.. ).

  • Lemon, watermelon or mint flavored EOS
  • Bath & Body Works PocketBac hand sanitizers in stress relief scent (and any other scent you find to be pretty)
  • Horror novels
  • Photos of you people because I need more
  • Movies and television shows on USBs such as: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Goon, Natural Born Killers, Youth in Revolt, cheap scary movies (this one’s for you Mandy), all the Scream films, The House Bunny, All About Steve, Bridesmaids.. And ya know, anything else awesome that you lovely people can think of
  • 16 Pancheros burritos: Rice, black beans, chicken, queso (it costs $1 more and yes, that’s okay), shredded cheese, spicy salsa, jalapenos
  • Harry Styles.. Or if this isn’t possible, then Harry Styles t-shirts
  • Deodorant that ISN’T roll-on (like here in France.. I hate it)
  • A puppy! So that I have someone to cuddle at night
  • One sunflower delivered to my front door

And, I mean, if you know, you like wanted to like maybe send me a card or write a love letter, that’d be pretty darn awesome, too. In addition to buying me ALL of these others things too, of course.

So, there ya have it. Yay for Megan’s 23rd Birthday in Paris!

..Spent alone. Without my Momma. But shhh, don’t tell her she won’t be here with me for my birthday. She can’t know..

Ghostface Encounter

Yesterday was an awesome day. Miniatures museum, that’s all I got to say.

..okay, actually that’s not all I have to say, I have a lot more to say. That place was awesome. They had all originals of so many things and it was incredible. For starters, before you even walk into the museum, there is C-3PO from Star Wars and an ape costume from Planet of the Apes with Mark Wahlberg from 2001. After that, I met Ghostface from Scream 4! Like, legit the real costume that they used for the movie. If you don’t already know, Scream 4 is one of my favorite movies of all time. I looooove it.



Theeeeennnnnnnnn, I realized they have a REAL-LIFE SWORD FROM PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN! Yes, from a scene that Johnny was in. I was so close, yet so far from him..

Basically, that place was awesome and Austin and I were able to hard-core geek out. After the museum, we stayed in Vieux Lyon for the rest of the day and got drinks and food from a boulangerie.. I swear I’m obsessed with those places. So. Much. Quiche.

To end the day, Auburn, Kelsey 2 (There are three Kelseys on this trip so Auburn, Austin and I numbered them all according to the order that we met up with them on the trip) and I went back to Auburn’s to watch a scary movie. If you haven’t learned this already, you will learn that I’m obsessed with horror. Honestly, it’s my absolute favorite genre of anything in life. I’m incredibly “dark and twisty” as Auburn says. Well, we couldn’t get the wifi to load the entire movie, which was Orphan, so we only ended up watching half of it before I had to catch my last bus home. Needless to say, I was scared out of my mind walking the block home from the bus stop after midnight on my own after watching a scary movie. I was quite disappointed in myself. Although, I blame it on the fact that I’m not quite used to my new house yet.

That’s plausible, right?