Goodbyes are the Hardest Part..

I knew when I moved to Paris, that I would get attached and it’d be hard to move away. I knew that after spending a year of my life with a family separate from my own and caring for children who weren’t mine, I’d find it difficult to leave. I knew that I’d fall moreContinue reading “Goodbyes are the Hardest Part..”

To All My Americans Whom I Love Back Home: Birthday List!

Alright people. My birthday is coming up in two and a half weeks, so that means all of you who love me have just enough time to buy and send me wonderful presents that will make me feel all warm and fuzzy and loved while I’m an ocean away.┬áSo I thought I’d go ahead andContinue reading “To All My Americans Whom I Love Back Home: Birthday List!”

Ghostface Encounter

Yesterday was an awesome day. Miniatures museum, that’s all I got to say. ..okay, actually that’s not all I have to say, I have a lot more to say. That place was awesome. They had all originals of so many things and it was incredible. For starters, before you even walk into the museum, thereContinue reading “Ghostface Encounter”