Fête de la Musique 2015

Every year on June 21, France has a party. And I mean a big party. A music party. The entire country explodes in harmony all afternoon and evening and the experience is magnificent.

Basically, there’s a band playing on every corner of every city and you just walk around indulging in the melodies. It’s insanely fun. Free music, good friends and tons of fun define this day. And yesterday was Fête de la Musique.

I spent my afternoon and evening wandering through the streets of Paris and indulging in all that the music had to offer. Just sitting on a hill and getting lost in it all was perfection. 

 I experienced Fête de la Musique two years ago in Cannes too, and it was splendid. The whole day everywhere is a music lover’s dream.

Anyway, I just wanted to recall how amazing my day was yesterday and how much I’m going to miss this wondrous country when I move back home soon. 

I have found the Doritos.

I just have to document this moment right now.

So, the kiddos had a dentist appointment today and I got off work early. I’m now in my apartment looking out my window listening to some beautiful music being played down on the street. I cannot even grasp how this is my life right now. It’s amazing. Even just sitting around is lovely.

Now on to more exciting things, like what I did yesterday. Well, I ate Chipotle – you all already know that. But I also did other things. Like.. Watch an actual French poodle walk down the street in Paris. I thought that was only a thing in the movies!? Well, no apparently not because I watched it happen yesterday afternoon. I also had a lightsaber battle with A and he won every time. But only because I let him.. right? Oh and then I did something that reminded me so much of my time here last summer.. I bought Desperados. That’s right, tequila beer. Ugh I’d missed it so much.

And then I found Doritos!! It’s funny that all of the things that I craved last summer while here (Doritos, mexican food) and couldn’t find, I found within like three days. I can already tell that this next year will even better than last summer because I already have my essential – all things mexican.

I would also like to point out that I finally had my first cafe au lait yesterday. First one in over a year. And I went to the cafe all by myself. And drank it all by myself. And paid all by myself. And left all by myself. I’m so accomplished.






All of this brought back so many memories. And made me miss my Aubs.. Being here without her feels so wrong.. Counting down the days until she joins me here again!