Tommy and the High Pilots – 5 out of 5 stars

Posted to Arts & Entertainment by Megan Suddarth at 12:00 a.m., Dec. 7, 2010

Competition is tough in the music industry, especially for up-and-coming bands. However, you wouldn’t suspect Tommy and the High Pilots is a lesser-known, up-and-coming band. Its high level of enthusiasm and exciting on-stage shows would make you wonder why everyone doesn’t have all of this band’s songs on their iPods.

The band’s performance Dec. 1 at Mojo’s was definitely impressive. There was never a lack of passion in any of the band members on stage. From an eager opening filled with the love of what they do, to an ending that would fulfill any music fan’s expectations, Tommy and the High Pilots put on a spectacular show.

Songs such as “Motorbike” show the creativity and funny side of the band. Who couldn’t love and enjoy a song about a beloved motorcycle? “Round and Round” is also a great song about a couple that breaks up and gets back together so many times they become known for that. With many more songs to get the audience pumped, there’s never a dull moment when the band is on stage.

The genuine enjoyment that is derived from this band performing is enough to make any person in the audience get up and start dancing to every tune, which inevitably resulted during the show. These guys have a pure love of music and that’s obvious to the audience. For the fans, seeing such an animated performance is uplifting and can even cure the attitude of a downer.

Overall, this was a performance that won’t soon be forgotten and that needs to occur much more often. This fun-loving band would impress even the most depressed of people. Anyone that enjoys great music and a great, genuine band needs to check these guys out next time they come around.

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