“People Say I’m the Man” by Hot Problems

So, being a lover of Ludo and everything related, I’ve also become a fan of Hot Problems – a new project that Andrew Volpe (Ludo’s lead singer) is working on.

This song is quite catchy in my opinion. I can’t stop listening to it, it’s becoming an obsession. Though I love Ludo, the sound that goes with Hot Problems is pretty awesome. The two are very different and both incredibly distinct and that’s another reason that I love this new song.

Not only is the song great, but the video is incredibly entertaining too. It is made up of a combination of a bunch of different videos from YouTube and is hilarious but also uplifting at the same time.

It’s weird, but this song just makes me want to go out and conquer the world.

Ludo presents Space Dracula’s Basketball Expo

The band will play Aug. 7 at The Blue Note.

By Megan Suddarth

Published Aug. 6, 2011

Do you love that final frontier some people call space? What about blood-sucking vampires? Or even just a good ole game of basketball? Then Ludo’s tour, Space Dracula’s Basketball Expo, is one show you have to see.

“We’re very excited to be back in Columbia,” Moog player Tim Convy says. “It’s one of our favorite places to play and it’s going to be the last night of our tour, so it should be an even larger party.”

The theme has Ludo’s bizarre yet original signature scribbled all over it, but one might wonder how the idea came about.

“We’ve done themes in the past and we liked it, and we don’t have any new music out for this tour so we knew we wanted to have some sort of theme,” Convy says. “A couple of crazy, random ideas were thrown out and then we landed on space, basketball and Dracula.”

Only a few special cities have the privilege of seeing all three themes combined for the show as opposed to just one. Columbia happens to be one of those special cities.

“We knew we wanted to do all three in our biggest cities,” Convy says. “St. Louis, Columbia, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago get all three.”

Dressing up for this show is part of the packaged deal that is Space Dracula’s Basketball Expo. Band members wear costumes for each theme – and costumes for these themes will really turn heads.

“I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t pick a favorite based on my comfort level on stage,” Convy says. “I like what we wear on the space nights, I think we look the coolest.”

Although downtime is rare for this out-of-the-ordinary tour, the men of Ludo still find time to live out their basketball-themed nights by shooting some hoops.

“We do play a little basketball,” Convy says. “We’re traveling with a full-size basketball hoop that we bring on stage so every now, and then we’ll set it up in either the venue or parking lot and shoot some hoops.”

So break out of your own comfort level and come dressed up in your craziest space-Dracula-basketball costume to enjoy a rockin’ night.

“We expect people to dress up,” Convy says. “It definitely makes it more fun if everybody comes and looks like an idiot. So you should show up dressed up and ready to sing along.”

Preparing for a taste of Ludo

The St. Louis band will play Oct. 16 at The Blue Note.

By Megan Suddarth

Published Oct. 15, 2010

The constant sound of bustling leaves, skateboard wheels and chatty students fill the town of Columbia every day. This weekend, however, the familiar sounds of electric guitars, harmonic moog keys and fanatical lyrics will also pack the streets with the return of the crazed alternative band Ludo to The Blue Note.

Ludo is no stranger to the stage of The Blue Note. It’s been playing at the venue for years.

“We’ve been lucky enough to be able to do stuff on our own,” Ludo’s moog player Tim Convy said. “Columbia was our first show, and about seven people showed up. That really mattered to us that those seven showed up and then next time brought their friends.That’s how our band got started, so even now with bigger crowds we still appreciate every fan that comes out.”

The band’s new album, Prepare the Preparations, came out Sept. 7. The album covers all genres of songs from melodic love songs to the spooky click-clack of marching skeletons to upbeat sounds of runaway robbers.

“The new album covers a lot of the same ground as our other albums, and there’s also a lot of new things that we’ve never done before,” Convy said. “We weren’t afraid to be Ludo and weren’t intimidated like maybe we were on our first major label album.”

Ludo’s new single, “Whipped Cream,” has a very similar vibe to its previous song, “Go-Getter Greg” from the group’s last album, You’re Awful, I Love You. The song has the same sort of creeper-in-the-corner type feel, which is what most Ludo fans crave from its mastermind songwriter, Andrew Volpe. Volpe also puts a slight twist in this album with more romantic love songs, such as “Manta Rays” and “I’ll Never Be Lonely Again.”

“‘Whipped Cream’ and ‘Go-Getter Greg’ are one in the same about the same type of obnoxious guy that we all hate,” Convy said. “We like to mock the creepy guys. With the love songs, Andrew tends to build a story around real emotions. So the stories and the characters may not be real, but the sentiment behind them definitely is.”

The band toured extensively in support of its last record. Convy said the band needed a break from each other at the end.

“We really got sick of each other,” Convy said. “It was crazy on the last record. Afterwards, we took time off to ourselves for a year and spread out across the country. We played in different bands and worked on different projects and it made us refreshed and ready for the new album and tour.”

What’s up next for the men of Ludo?

“(We’re) just going to get through the tour and support the album,” Convy said. “(Then) we’ll take time off and figure out what’s next. We’re looking forward to The Blue Note. It’s the second to last show on the tour, and this tour has been awesome.”

So this weekend, let the skeletons come out and roam the streets of Columbia. That is, the song “Skeletons on Parade” — a fun, Halloween-type thriller that’s perfect for this time of year.