Shawndell Marks Press Release

For Immediate Release

February 16, 2017

Shawndell Marks releases Broken Dam with release event set to follow

Album release event will be held March 19 in Madison, WI

Madison, WI – Versatile alt-rock Wisconsin native, Shawndell Marks, is back with a brand new album full of raw emotion, soulful covers and an open invitation into her life. Broken Dam, released in November, is the most emotional and most “alive” release from the singer/songwriter yet. The dynamic project comes together featuring the talents of a few of Marks’ treasured fellow artists and the collaborations provide a more diverse album than her previous work. Each artist adds even more oomph to an already vibrant work of art.

With tracks that range from vulnerable and heartbreaking to lovingly sweet to a rockin’ “Jolene” cover, Broken Dam offers a little bit of something for everyone. Specifically the vulnerability of Marks in this release sets it apart from work she’s done before. “I took some risks sharing some arduous personal truths,” Marks said, “which I believe is a responsibility of an artist. Often music allows words to be sung that could never be spoken. This album has some of that.”

The first track, “Wishbone,” embodies the entire message of the album itself and glimpses a look into what Broken Dam has to offer. It also just so happens to be Marks’ favorite. Co-written by two fellow songwriters, “Wishbone,” is a message to the world about sacrificing that which holds us back. You have to let go of those inhibitions and excuses and make your dreams come true; they won’t happen on your own. Only when you’re able to see this can you fulfill those dreams and that potential. The lyrics “refer to the innate sense of truth deep within, often an inconvenient truth that our shallow self wants to ignore.” The same is true of Marks herself who has taken chances and made changes in her own life over the years to find that true happiness. The message conveyed is that of a beauty that reminds the listener to take time to follow that happiness; sometimes the change isn’t always easy but when you make it through the shallows, you can come out better than before.

Having both worked with ensembles and also had her own solo act, Marks can find a happy medium between the two and fully appreciates what both sides of this versatility as a musician have to offer. Collaborating with multiple other artists and utilizing Paradyme Productions for the first time allowed for this album to feature a variety of sounds. From cello bellows to “noise,” the variety and uniqueness seem endless. Marks approached producer Jake Johnson wanting to use “noise” on “Wishbone,” and it led to the use of an analog tape loop on the track. It’s this kind of resourcefulness and dynamically charged method that complete Broken Dam.

Certainly raw and unapologetic, Broken Dam, contributes to the sense of purpose that Marks feels through music. It’s “poignant” and has all the “for-real-feelz,” Marks said.

Album release event will be March 19th in Madison, WI at High Noon with guest musicians Derek Ramnarace, Lo Marie, Sam Ness and The Lower 5th.

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