Shawndell Marks Press Release

For Immediate Release February 16, 2017 Shawndell Marks releases Broken Dam with release event set to follow Album release event will be held March 19 in Madison, WI Madison, WI – Versatile alt-rock Wisconsin native, Shawndell Marks, is back with a brand new album full of raw emotion, soulful covers and an open invitation intoContinue reading “Shawndell Marks Press Release”

Nick Offerman performs at MU’s Jesse Hall

The Parks and Recreation actor took the stage April 4 at Jesse Auditorium. By Megan Suddarth Published April 10, 2012 For access to the original publication, click here. Offensive profanity and vulgarity galore. The lights come up and a half-naked Nick Offerman darts to center stage, pauses and then darts across the rest of the stageContinue reading “Nick Offerman performs at MU’s Jesse Hall”