“The Lone Ranger” (2013)

I honestly cannot wait for this movie to come out.. For multiple reasons.

1) JOHNNY DEPP – Need I say more? Well, no, of course not. Johnny is pure genius, personified. He brings humor and genuine talent to every movie he’s in. Literally, no movie that he’s been in would be complete without him. Even going back to his early days, his talent shone through in every role he took on. From Edward Scissorhands to What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and even his first film, A Nightmare on Elm Street, those characters completed the films (at least in my opinion). I can’t say enough about how I adore his skill to transform a regular role into something wonderful and spectacular. The point? The guy is mind-blowing. End of story.

2) Helena Bonham Carter. Say what?! I had no idea she was going to be in this film, and now that I know, I couldn’t be happier. This woman has a spell on me. Seriously, she’s phenomenal. She’s beautiful and talented in a very unconventional way. She’s not the typical blonde hair-blue eyed-fake beauty that our society has made the standard. No, she’s amazing in a real and original way that accentuates her acting abilities. She can pull off creepy in an I-wanna-kill-you-and-bake-you-into-a-pie-type way (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street), while also being a total sweetheart in an Oh-crap-my-fiance-married-a-dead-girl-but-I’ll-forgive-him-type way (Corpse Bride). Yeah, she’s pretty fantastic, too.

3) Gore Verbinski is directing. This is the guy that directed the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films, so you know there will be many action sequences packed with explosions and combat. So, that’s a pretty awesome reason to see this movie as well. ‘Cause I meant, come on, who doesn’t love the occasional cinema violence?

Everyone already knows that Johnny and Helena combined makes for a spectacular combination of awesomeness – so that awesomeness should only be enhanced with Gore thrown into the mix.

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