To All My Americans Whom I Love Back Home: Birthday List!

Alright people. My birthday is coming up in two and a half weeks, so that means all of you who love me have just enough time to buy and send me wonderful presents that will make me feel all warm and fuzzy and loved while I’m an ocean away. So I thought I’d go ahead and whip up a quick list of things I’d love to receive for my 23rd birthday (whoa, weird.. 23.. ).

  • Lemon, watermelon or mint flavored EOS
  • Bath & Body Works PocketBac hand sanitizers in stress relief scent (and any other scent you find to be pretty)
  • Horror novels
  • Photos of you people because I need more
  • Movies and television shows on USBs such as: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Goon, Natural Born Killers, Youth in Revolt, cheap scary movies (this one’s for you Mandy), all the Scream films, The House Bunny, All About Steve, Bridesmaids.. And ya know, anything else awesome that you lovely people can think of
  • 16 Pancheros burritos: Rice, black beans, chicken, queso (it costs $1 more and yes, that’s okay), shredded cheese, spicy salsa, jalapenos
  • Harry Styles.. Or if this isn’t possible, then Harry Styles t-shirts
  • Deodorant that ISN’T roll-on (like here in France.. I hate it)
  • A puppy! So that I have someone to cuddle at night
  • One sunflower delivered to my front door

And, I mean, if you know, you like wanted to like maybe send me a card or write a love letter, that’d be pretty darn awesome, too. In addition to buying me ALL of these others things too, of course.

So, there ya have it. Yay for Megan’s 23rd Birthday in Paris!

..Spent alone. Without my Momma. But shhh, don’t tell her she won’t be here with me for my birthday. She can’t know..

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"Not all those who wander are lost." -Tolkien

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