Oh, those Americans.

I have to share an encounter I just had at the boulangerie down my street.

As I was stood in line eagerly awaiting to order my quiche for lunch, an older American man was in front of me ordering in the typical American fashion – loud and specific. Everyone in line was helping him order and it was quite a cute spectacle to witness. I was just standing there smiling at how American we Americans really can be as I began my order. Fluent French and confidence exuded from my person as I demonstrated my stance as a “local.” Though no one knew I was American as well, I did and therefore I wanted to prove the stereotype wrong. I placed my order, paid and walked out still smiling over the old man.

Then, thirty seconds later, I look down to see that I’d in fact walked off without my quiche and as I’m turning to go back, one of the workers runs up from behind me to tell me I forgot my food.

So much for proving the stereotype wrong.

Published by MeganSuddarth

"Not all those who wander are lost." -Tolkien

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