Mom & Dad Take France, Pt. 2: Normandy & Mont St. Michel

So, while my parents were here for two weeks, we knew we wanted to venture out of Paris and explore. I always love getting out of the city and seeing trees and flowers and fields again so I was overjoyed to go anywhere. We decided on Normandy because my Dad is a huge history buffContinue reading “Mom & Dad Take France, Pt. 2: Normandy & Mont St. Michel”

Memories to last a lifetime

I feel it’s time to follow that last sappy post up. With another sappy post. But in the opposite way. So, here goes. I’ve been in Paris for seven weeks now. And I have to say that I’ve met some absolutely wonderful, beautiful, stunning and kind people. I have to start this post off with myContinue reading “Memories to last a lifetime”

Missing Home

Going off of that last post, I’ve come to realize just how much I miss home. So, here’s a list of the Top Ten Things Megan Misses From America: 1) Mom, Dad, Bro, Grandparents, Babies 2) REAL milk 3) Mexican food 4) My lovely besties 5) My car 6) Yoga pants 7) My church 8) Pancheros/HuHotContinue reading “Missing Home”