Liverpool & Chester: A Day of Chasing Down The Beatles & Resting at Central Perk

“You say you want a revolutiooooon..”

I’m still in awe at what I did today.. Spending time walking down Mathew Street – Beatles capital of the world! I went into the iconic Cavern Club and listened to some live music, bought a Beatles’ hits record from the 60s and had the time of my life.

I seriously could live in Liverpool, it was gorgeous. The waterfront was spectacular and I mean, come on.. Who doesn’t want to spend their afternoon listening to Beatles’ hits while walking through town? 

 I love Liverpool.

Then, I headed to Chester – a city of Roman ruins, which also happens to have a Central Perk replica from Friends. The ruins were gorgeous and enchanting but not surprisingly, I spent almost the entirety of my time in Chester at Central Perk. Seriously this place was amazing. Massive mugs, endless Friends episodes, plush furniture, signature character drinks (I had the Joey Java Jolt) and even a signed Friends script from ’96. I had the best time wasting my night there like the gang did in the show. 

I really just had a magnificent day today.

Happy happy.

Grillstock – A Day of Serving Up Ice Cream in England

Alright so I cannot believe what I just spent my day doing. I woke up bright and early with Gem and then drove in to Bristol to work all day at a BBQ/music festival called Grillstock serving ice cream. And eating it. Okay, I did a lot more eating it than I did serving it but still.. 

 Yeah, so the whole day was spent taking in music and eating food and sipping down ales. And get this, the festival was insanely Americanized and everyone was trying to imitate amazing American BBQ – so being from Kansas City, THE BBQ CAPITAL OF THE WORLD, I was so into it. And guess what? Some of the English can prepare some surprisingly delicious brisket. I was quite impressed to say the least.

There were so many awesome people there, including a group of “Where’s Waldos,” that I snuck up to to take a picture with. I creeped up next to them and posed all happy with my thumbs up, only for Gem to tell me that the photo didn’t take. Soooo, as I prepared myself to be creepy again, they all turned around and started putting arms around me and asked if I wanted a picture.

I laughed, “Yeah, did you guys see me trying to sneak one already?”

“Uh yeah haha, let’s go ahead and take one.”

“Oh right, yeah let’s go the less creepy route..”

Aaaaand the photo was taken. 

 There was even a dance floor where everyone was boogyin’ around and I just couldn’t help myself – as I was passing through, I just passed my way through the dance floor and boogied myself along. You always have to take time to dance in life. If you don’t have dance, then what is life?

Yeah, so the day was just spectacular and tonight I’m still so full from all of the yumminess that I indulged in today. But perhaps the best part of the day was the outrageously gorgeous manbun that was working the stand next to ours. I probably spent too much time watching him when I should have been serving ice cream but.. that’s alright with me.


Today I got to serve ice cream, drink alcoholic iced tea and stuff my face with brisket.. Could I have asked for a better way to spend my last day in England? 


Side note: Ivor’s Ice Cream is absolutely delicious and everyone needs it in their lives.

Long Walks & Slippery Stairs

I started my day out today by almost shattering my tail bone. Yup. Klutz McGee tried walking down the spiral stairs today in socks and ended up slipping down the entire staircase. I’m still sore tonight, over 12 hours later and still have a massive scrape down the length of my arm. But a perk of being a klutz is that I’m used to this by my 23rd year in life. A life of moving walls and shifting doorways prepared me for this slippery slope today. So that means that even after almost breaking my back I was able to go on a 5+ mile hike today with Gem and her grandfather.

The hike included four separate villages and the most beautiful scenery I’ve seen in my life. One of the villages we walked through had a small river running through the middle of it, with walking bridges crossing it every so often. I seriously cannot get enough of this country and am already trying to figure out when I can move here. 

 It was my fourth full day in England today and tomorrow is my last and I plan to make the most of it! We’re going to a BBQ festival to serve ice cream and take in the music and culture. To say I’m excited would be an understatement..

Soaking up Bath

Roman ruins & bubbling brooks. That’s how I spent my day today in Bath, England. 

 It’s always been a dream of mine to go to Bath and see what all the bathtub hullabaloo is about and today I found out – and it’s totally a whole lot of hullabaloo to go crazy over. Gem and I caught the train and arrived around midday to explore the town. Immediately approaching, I was impressed. The buildings and the architecture itself were original, being made of a yellow tinted stone called “Bath stone.” Basically the entire town was constructed with this unique stone and so the entire town really pulls together in cohesiveness. Anyway, we stroll through town and get to the famous roman baths and I go in. It only took about 30 seconds for me to be blown away. The ruins were absolutely stunning and the water was mesmerizing. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the history placed right before my eyes. 

 Walking through the exact spot where so much happened 2,000 years ago really slows life down. I indulged in the peaceful stillness that came upon me while the wind whispered by and I swear I was almost taken back in time. I could see the Romans right before my eyes.. bathing, relaxing, chatting. The experience was one I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. I was actually right in the middle of an extensive amount of history and it makes you feel so small, yet so incredibly grand all at once. Sometimes I wonder whether I’m really here living this life that I have and have to pinch myself to make sure. And sure enough, it’s always real.

So many different pools rested in this massive ancient building that I was able to explore today. I could almost feel the water splashing my face as an ancient Roman jumped in the pool to relax after a hard day’s work. Man, this really was an incredibly wonderful day for me. I never in my life thought I’d be doing the things I’m doing today. Backpacking the U.K.? If you’d have asked me five years ago if I thought this was a possibility, I’d have told you, “Yeah, in my dreams..” Because that’s all this ever was – a dream. Exploring this world and seeing the history that makes up our Earth and learning about the cultures that surround my own? I never thought I’d do any of this. 

 Anyway, back to the point.. I explored the hot springs and pools of the ancient Roman baths today. And after walking through the entirety of them, I came to the end and had the opportunity to drink the hot spring water. So, I did. Because I’m me and I never say no to an outrageous opportunity. And guess what? It was gross. Absolutely horrid. Like warm cream with a copper aftertaste. Yeah, nasty. But did I drink the entire full cup I had? Yes. Absolutely. You don’t get many opportunities like this so I took full advantage. I did it. 

 Then, after leaving the bath house, Gem and I went for this thing called a “pasty.” It’s a savory pastry thing and Gem said I HAD to get one. Apparently it’s a thing in England? I guess.. Anyway, we went to the best “pasty” shop in town and got me a traditional steak “pasty.” It was like a meat pie folded into a pocket shape and it was pretty delicious. But it had an odd aftertaste that I said tasted “something like a candle shop.” Gem told me that was some vegetable thing that tastes a bit like a pumpkin. Hmm makes sense.. So, anyway, those “pasty” things are pretty good. 

 And after a full day of hot spring copper water and steak pumpkin pockets, we headed home.. to a beautiful cottage in the gorgeous English countryside. Again, I’m pinching myself.. 


Exploring Bristol and Discovering Family Heritage

Waking up in the UK for the second day in a row was wonderful today. After exploring the village of Oldbury yesterday, I went into the city to explore Bristol today. I discovered that it resembles my college town of Columbia, Mo so much. The vibe was so chilled out and laid back that I had to keep reminding myself that I’m actually still across the pond – not home yet.

Our first stop was the Clifton Suspension Bridge. This bridge is the iconic Bristol bridge that spans the Avon Gorge and connects Bristol to Clifton. It’s gorgeous on either side and wonderful to drive across and walk down. Basically, we started the day off on a nature binge and nothing makes me happier than nature so that was definitely the best start we could have gotten off on. 

To preface this next story: Over the last year, my father has been researching our family genealogy and finding out where we came from. He’s spent countless hours uncovering facts and searching for clues as to who we are and has even made a personalized journal of all of his findings for me. The journal chronicles my life and many of my ancestors dating back 75 generations. He made it special for me and titled it, “A History of Adventurers, Rebels and Royalty,” which fits me perfectly (I think he did that on purpose..). Anyway, my family coat of arms is located in Bristol Cathedral, so today I made it my mission to go find it. Arriving at the cathedral, I was overcome with excitement and couldn’t wait to fulfill my Dad’s research and get him a picture of something he’d uncovered in all of his hard work. I glanced over all of the arms that I saw at the beginning of the cathedral and walked around the front. I made my way along the sides of the church and then to the back and came around to the other side with no luck. I began to grow anxious and started to realize that I wasn’t going to find it.. I finally got to the back of the church and searched frantically for the arms but still no luck. I even went to the gift shop to talk to the workers and ask them for a guide or information on all the arms in the cathedral, but to no avail. I had searched the entirety of the cathedral and had absolutely no luck. To say I was bummed would be an understatement. I so wanted to find it and share it with my Dad but I guess I’ll just have to search another church the next time I come in to Bristol.. Because there’s actually a chance that it’s located in a separate church that I also tried to search but was closed today. So there’s still a chance I’ll find it one day!

Well, after getting bummed out about that, Gem and I strolled to the harbor and walked through all of the restaurants and clubs located there. The entire area is so laid back just like home, I loved it. Everyone (again) is so nice and it was a joy to just walk around and take in the hipster culture that lives within Bristol’s center. It was quite a quiet afternoon after the church search. After Gem showed me around all of her favorite areas, we decided to head out of town via the graffiti street so that I could see the art that decorates the city and represents its spirit.

Graffiti street was no let down. Plastered with spray paint and vivid colors, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the art that enveloped the area. There was even some Banksy art lining the road, such as a break dancing Jesus that spanned the entire height of one of the taller buildings. Needless to say, it was all gorgeous. 

 We finished off our day with a drive back into the quaintest village in England – Oldbury – to then go see an English castle. Thornbury Castle was everything I’d ever hoped an English castle would be. Granted it was small, but it was just like in the movies. Beautiful architecture, magnificent garden and even a vineyard out front. Visited by people ranging from Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn to David Beckham, I couldn’t help but count myself as royalty while walking the grounds. 

 The end of our day included afternoon tea and biscuits and Wimbledon.

Could it get any more British.. ?

Discovering England’s Quaintest Little Village

As of last night, I no longer live in Paris and am traveling the U.K. for about two weeks. This first week I’m staying with Gemma in her village of Oldbury and I have to say, it’s actually like a dream. Let’s start off with Gem’s house. It’s actually how I picture my life when I have my own house – a beautiful little cottage in the English countryside complete with old wooden doors for every room. It even still has the original bread oven installed in the dining room from 1760. I’m obsessed with this house and am currently devising a plan to dig it up and bring it back to the U.S. with me..

Anyway, today everyone in the house was either working or in school so I was left to explore the village and country alone. I love exploring on my own and discovering the world in the peace of my mind so today was absolutely wonderful. I took off on a walk and strolled through the country into the village. Immediately walking down the road I was ecstatic over the fact that I didn’t have to look down and avoid eye contact for fear of being hit on and instead was smiled at and waved at by pretty much everyone I passed. People in England are so incredibly friendly and it’s such a drastic change from my life in France. Constantly in smiles, I don’t think I’ll ever leave. Now Momma has another thing to worry about – I think I’ll be moving to England one day.

Anyway, I stroll into the village and immediately waltz into the only pub in town. It’s a quaint little pub with yummy pub food and delicious pub pints. I had the chicken and ham pie and a pint of Beck’s and just sat and enjoyed the company around me. Though I arrived at opening and it was empty, by the time I had my food it was quite full and I indulged in people watching and eavesdropping on my mother tongue for a bit. 

 After leaving the pub, I continued on my stroll through the village and stopped at about every other cottage to gawk. England is just so pretty! The architecture is just like out of the movies – it certainly didn’t disappoint. Anyway, I come up to a hill and climb to the top where a church is stood. The hill was a lot higher and steeper than I’d anticipated and by the time I got to the top I was a bit out of breath, I’ll admit. But once I looked down below me, it didn’t matter. The view was absolutely spectacular. The river Severn was rushing below and so many lush fields and adorable cottages lined the coast that I was in awe. I must have sat there on a bench at the church graveyard for about 20 minutes just staring and smiling and doing my daily devotion before returning to Gem’s perfect little cottage. God truly has blessed me in this life. 

 So, in case you didn’t notice, I had a wonderful first day in England. It’s all I ever hoped for and I hope to move here one day. To top it all off, I’m sitting here drinking a cup of tea before bed. Life is good.

Memories to last a lifetime

I feel it’s time to follow that last sappy post up. With another sappy post. But in the opposite way. So, here goes.

I’ve been in Paris for seven weeks now. And I have to say that I’ve met some absolutely wonderful, beautiful, stunning and kind people. I have to start this post off with my first two friends in Paris and talk about how super duper cool they are.

Picture me, sitting in my apartment one night when I get a text from a random number addressing me by my first name and everything, asking me to lunch. I’d been in Paris for like two weeks at this point and hadn’t really met people yet so imagine my surprise and intrigue at this text. The person(s) sending said text were Aimi and Julia. These two ladies were best friends with the previous au pair to my family and had my number from her and decided to reach out to me and welcome me into the city.

It couldn’t have come at a better time.

So, I text back and tell Julia that I love bagels and she proceeds to find a DELICIOUS bagel place called, “Bagels and Brownies,” that I’m just obsessed with now. We went to lunch at the Luxembourg Garden and ate on the grass and this chick made me feel so welcome in a city I was feeling so lonely in. She and Aimi reached out to me (quite creepily in an awesome and weird way, I might add) and I can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done already – listening to me complain, directing me throughout the city, calming me down during stuck-in-an-elevator-panic-attacks. They’re great. And I found out later on that before sending me that first text, they had debated it for a while and eventually decided on being creepy and not caring to send some random girl a random text out of the blue. And thank goodness that they did.

Julia and Aimi introduced me to some of the most wonderful girls I’ve met in my life. Just tonight, some of us had a dinner party at Aimi’s with home cooked food (thanks Aimi and Gemma) and homemade desserts (even homemade crusts, thanks Julia). It was soooo good and the company was terrific. These girls are teaching me so much about the world and life and for instance about the fact that I’m apparently “incredibly American.” Whatever that means.. Just kidding, I know exactly what it means. These girls are from all over – Wales, England, Ireland, New Zealand, America. Just everywhere. I’m learning so much from them and I’m so grateful for this experience.

Also I love the way they talk.

I find myself speaking with a terrible, fake British accent after being around them for extended periods of time and they just deal with it. And for that I love them.

I’ve made so many memories already after this short time and can’t wait for the numerous more with them. This experience has already been life changing and though it gets tough at times, I wouldn’t change a thing about this choice I made and the year I’m spending in Paris. After all, I’m living out a dream.