The closing of Devil’s Icebox is impacting hikers

On Tuesday, April 10, 2012, Devil’s Icebox is still closed. The closing of the cave, located at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, is affecting hikers. The cave is closed due to white nose syndrome, a deadly fungal disease that affects bats, within the cave. Though the disease is spread through bat-to-bat contact, experts believe thatContinue reading “The closing of Devil’s Icebox is impacting hikers”

The Way of the Future – Helpful or Harmful?

This week in 2150 lab, we learned how to do a mobile journalism assignment with our Smartphones. This got me thinking about just how much technology affects our lives. After some thinking, I scared myself a little as I remembered a recent article I’d read this week about Google. (For article, click here.) This articleContinue reading “The Way of the Future – Helpful or Harmful?”

Transitions, Transitions

Syllabus week. The first week of classes is always the easiest. However, the transition from sitting at home doing nothing all day every day to having classes every day can be a bit overwhelming. I’m very much looking forward to this semester, though. Classes don’t seem to be too hard and hopefully they stay thatContinue reading “Transitions, Transitions”

A Downtown Lifestyle – Sparky’s Finest

A downtown tradition Ice cream – a passion of many that provides not only a delightfully creamy treat but also an added unwanted couple of pounds. Though unhealthy, many can’t resist the deliciousness that ice cream provides. The first ice cream parlor in America was established in 1776 and Columbia’s downtown ice cream shop, Sparky’s,Continue reading “A Downtown Lifestyle – Sparky’s Finest”