Flying high: Catching up with Tommy of The High Pilots

The Santa Barbara quartet will stop by Mojo’s on Monday. By Megan Suddarth Published March 16, 2012 For access to the original publication, click here. Open roads, microphones and loyal fans pretty much fill the life of Tom Cantillon, lead singer of Tommy and the High Pilots. For this California boy, life is crazy in soContinue reading “Flying high: Catching up with Tommy of The High Pilots”

A Downtown Lifestyle – Sparky’s Finest

A downtown tradition Ice cream – a passion of many that provides not only a delightfully creamy treat but also an added unwanted couple of pounds. Though unhealthy, many can’t resist the deliciousness that ice cream provides. The first ice cream parlor in America was established in 1776 and Columbia’s downtown ice cream shop, Sparky’s,Continue reading “A Downtown Lifestyle – Sparky’s Finest”