Real Life “Friends”

With classes well on their way to stressing the students at the University of Missouri out, I’m just amazed at the fact that it’s already almost the third week. Time really has flown by this past year and half and it makes me wonder if I’m taking full advantage of my time here. Before IContinue reading “Real Life “Friends””

Transitions, Transitions

Syllabus week. The first week of classes is always the easiest. However, the transition from sitting at home doing nothing all day every day to having classes every day can be a bit overwhelming. I’m very much looking forward to this semester, though. Classes don’t seem to be too hard and hopefully they stay thatContinue reading “Transitions, Transitions”

Choir, orchestra combine forces

The ensemble will perform together Nov. 18 in Jesse Auditorium By Megan Suddarth Published Nov. 16, 2010 For access to the original publication, click here. Every year, the Choral Union, University Singers and University Philharmonic Orchestra combine forces. This week it will happen yet again. Performing in Jesse Auditorium, these two organizations will meet on stageContinue reading “Choir, orchestra combine forces”