Les Requins!

As I sit here lazily lounging in my shoebox, I kept thinking about my super duper awesome shark bottle opener key chain I got a few days ago. I got this bottle opener at the super duper awesome aquarium here in Paris with my little kiddo. So, I should tell you about this super duper awesome day.

As all au pairs know, Wednesdays are our longest day of the week. Usually Wednesday nights are spent cradling a bottle of wine.. But anyway.. This past Wednesday A and I went to the aquarium after his tennis class. It was by far the coolest aquarium I’ve been to – for one reason: SHARKS. This place has actual sharks. Big ones.

*In case you didn’t notice, sharks are one of my favorite animals*

The aquarium was a bit small but the sharks made up for that! And then afterwards, kiddo and I got souvenirs and had chocolate cake to celebrate an awesome afternoon of SHARKS.   Point is, sharks are the coolest. And I definitely didn’t cradle a bottle of wine on Wednesday. Win-Win.

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"Not all those who wander are lost." -Tolkien

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