Sleeping Beauty

As the wind lightly rustled the daisies, I lay still taking in the serenity of the forest. Bois de Vincennes was bathed in sunlight and so was I.

I always love getting out of the city and embracing my true self in the wilderness; yesterday and today were no exceptions. Bois de Vincennes and Bois de Boulogne offered complete peace and tranquility these past two days and I feel reawakened to the beauty God created in this world.

I spent the whole of yesterday afternoon lounging and napping in a field of daisies listening to a ukulele band while reading my current novel – “Wild.” 

 Throw in a picnic and some sunbathing with friends and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect Disney plot line.. Not to mention that the castle inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty came from France – I guess what I’m saying is that fairy tales are possible.

But the fairy tale didn’t end yesterday. Bois de Boulogne was just as surreal today. The girls and I rented a row boat and floated across the water talking to ducklings and gazing at swans. Again, add a picnic and some sunshine and the world starts to slow down. 

 However, the fairy tale still didn’t end. As I watch the sun go down from my apartment window, I’m completely content in my life. This fairy tale won’t end today or tomorrow but will continue on through the entirety of my life.

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"Not all those who wander are lost." -Tolkien

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