10 Thoughts Parisians Probably Had About Me On This Rainy May Day

  1. Who’s the blonde wearing summer clothes when it’s obviously freezing outside?
  2. Why is that girl jumping in puddles?
  3. Where are the rest of her clothes?
  4. Doesn’t she know it’s raining?
  5. Where’s her umbrella?
  6. Why is she holding her tongue out to catch the rain?
  7. She’ll never grow up.
  8. I wonder where her parents went wrong..
  9. Put some proper shoes without holes on.
  10. Turn your music down.  

But did that stop me from jumping in puddles and catching the rain on my tongue? No.

I am that girl jumping in puddles and stretching my arms out to the sky thanking God for another beautiful day to live. And that will never ever change. For anyone.