Random Adventures Around the U.S.

Oh, the places you’ll go.

Dr. Seuss

Though I love traveling abroad, I’ve had many an adventure right here in my own backyard of the U.S. From Philadelphia to Big Bend, I love exploring my own country. As of late, it’s what I explore the most! Here are my many stories of what I’ve been up to in my own land.

A “Sunny” Day in Philadelphia; Hunting Down Mac & Sweet Dee

Today I decided I’m going to build a treehouse and live in the Pennsylvania forests. The girls and I spent the day in Philly and the drive was stunning. “I mean, trees!? Everywhere trees!?” (Always Sunny reference, you’re welcome). This place is everything you’d imagine the East Coast in autumn to be. And I knowContinue reading “A “Sunny” Day in Philadelphia; Hunting Down Mac & Sweet Dee”

York, Lancaster & Gettysburg; Pennsylvania Autumn is Magnificent

Three days into Pennsylvania and I might not ever leave. Philly, York, Lancaster & Gettysburg are the amazing places I’ve visited thus far and I have to say that Gettysburg took my breath away. The girls and I took the auto tour and drove through everything and it was just mesmerizing. Gettysburg in autumn isContinue reading “York, Lancaster & Gettysburg; Pennsylvania Autumn is Magnificent”


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