Paris Bucket List

When good Americans die, they go to Paris.

Oscar Wilde

While living as an au pair in Paris, I had many, many things I wanted to accomplish and see while there. I compiled a list in my journal of things like seeing the entirety of the Louvre and exploring Paris’ vast underground catacombs, things I’d read about since childhood and other things I’d learned of once settling in. Having this bucket list helped me see more of Paris than I would have without it and it sent me to so many beautiful, wonderful little spots in Paris that I’ll never forget. This is my collection of the completion of *almost* all of those bucket list items.

Sainte Chapelle: Another Parisian Bucket List Item

  Yesterday I finally ventured inside Sainte Chapelle, a royal medieval Gothic chapel, here in Paris. It’s known for its glorious stained glass windows and they definitely didn’t fail to impress. I get why everyone talks so highly of it now. Seriously gorgeous. Anyway, these photos don’t do it justice but they’ll have to do!         Continue reading “Sainte Chapelle: Another Parisian Bucket List Item”

Armistice Day 2014

Today I was able to check another item off of my Paris Bucket List. And this was a pretty big one. I attended a church service at Notre Dame. Last summer when I studied abroad in France, I had the privilege of walking through Notre Dame while they were holding a service and I was ableContinue reading “Armistice Day 2014”


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