Europe Bucket List

If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad.

Jane Austen

Throughout my time as an au pair in Paris, I kept a Europe Bucket List. That list helped me expand my horizons to visit places like Normandy and see The Phantom of the Opera in Her Majesty’s Theatre in the West End of London. Places I might never have seen and things I might never had done had I not set out specifically to accomplish them. These are my tales of those European adventures.

London Town

Last week, my best friend visited me here in Paris for her spring break. She’d told me before I ever even decided to move to Paris, that she’d spend her break with me and that’s exactly what she did. Aubs has never let me down. Anyway, we met up in London for the weekend beforeContinue reading “London Town”

I Amsterdam

This past weekend, I was able to cross one item off of my Europe Bucket List. I traveled to Amsterdam and had the time of my life. This beautiful Dutch city took my breath away and impressed me in so many ways that I never could have imagined. From the gorgeous canals to the wonderfulContinue reading “I Amsterdam”

Bucket Lists!

It has occurred to me that after living in Paris for seven weeks, I should start a bucket list. Or two. So, I’m starting two. I think that having a specific list of things to explore and admire while living in Europe will make this experience even more wonderful. Here are my two bucket lists thatContinue reading “Bucket Lists!”

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