Tu comprends?

Today I’m logging yet another hilarious nanny story into my chronicles.

This evening my two kiddos got into a squabble. Yelling and screaming and the ever so rare tears came into play between the two and I was left as the referee in the middle.

While discussing individually, in English, with them how they should love each other and treat each other right because they’re the only brother/sister they have (I got that line straight from my own Momma), A is nodding along and agreeing. I was very impressed with his comprehension and couldn’t help but secretly take the credit.

Then, I realized he was in a robotic repetitive state and I decided to question him. I stop lecturing and ask, “Do you understand?” And without missing a beat, my kiddo plainly states, “No,” while continuing to build his Legos.

I instantly burst into laughter over his nonchalance and wasn’t able to finish my lecture. Instead I picked up a piece just started helping him with his Legos.

So much for my awesome teacher skills.