Leaving multimedia behind, moving on to finals week

With my Sophomore year at MU coming to an end, my life is filled with Redbull, coffee and lack of sleep. I want nothing more than to curl up on my couch and get lost in a good book right now. But I know this isn’t possible with three upcoming finals hanging over me.

I’ve reached the end of my Multimedia class and can say that I loved it. I learned so much about Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and many other programs that I’d never even opened before. It was by far the most fun class I had all semester. I can’t wait to move on to classes that incorporate Strategic Communication (my major) completely, but can say that this Journalism class was the best so far.

Being so exhausted, I can’t bring myself to write much more, especially seeing as how I need to get back to studying for my Economics final. So, I leave you with this awesome video of a Star Wars Sing-Along by Hot Problems called “Party With My Friends.”