London Town

Last week, my best friend visited me here in Paris for her spring break. She’d told me before I ever even decided to move to Paris, that she’d spend her break with me and that’s exactly what she did. Aubs has never let me down.

IMG_7552Anyway, we met up in London for the weekend before coming to Paris and I just gotta say, I fell madly in love with it. In this weekend, I was able to knock one more thing off of my Europe Bucket List that I have – going to London. It was so different from Paris and what I’m used to and such a nice change. And I’m not gonna lie, one day I’d like to live there.. But that’s for another time.

In the two short days we had, we saw everything you could imagine. Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, changing of the guard, went to town on some fish and chips in a newspaper (my bucket list), dove into a real english breakfast, (window) shopped at Harrod’s.. And so much more.

Perhaps the best part was seeing The Phantom of the Opera. I’d never seen the movie, nor read the book so I honestly had no idea what it was really about.

IT. WAS. AMAZING. I loved every second of it. So creepy and dark and magnificently beautiful. And to see it in the theatre it was written for, Her Majesty’s Theatre, was unimaginable.

The room in the adorable b&b that we stayed in was even Great Britain themed. The trip was just plain awesome. We rode the tube, which was MUCH cleaner than the Paris metro and rode on the top of a double decker bus. We drank pints in pubs and met some friendly people everywhere we went.

Our foggy London weekend was perfect.

Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

Buckingham Palace

Cutest little B&B around

Yes, I ate all of the black pudding

Tower of London

Tower Bridge


Seriously, the only way this trip could have been better would have been if I’d married Prince Harry while there..

Hey, a girl can dream.. big.

And let’s face it, I always dream big.

I need a big kid job, please.

Someone want to hire me? ‘Cause I need one of those big kid jobs that everybody is always talking about.

Here it is guys, my last semester of college. SAY WHAT. Terrifying and exhilarating all at once. So, naturally, I’m on the job hunt. And it’s actually quite exciting. AFTER I accepted the fact that I’m going to make next to nothing and will live in debt for the first few years of my life, yeah, then the job search-growing up-thing kind of became exciting.

In a few short months I’m moving my booty out to the beautiful city of Los Angeles. Or New York. Or Chicago. Or London. Or anywhere in France.. As you can see, I’m a bit undecided. But that’s okay! I’m keeping my options open, sort of, and I’m tackling those dreams I’ve always talked about. It’ll be an adventure wherever I go and I’m so ready! ..Kind of. Just a little scared. But mostly ready! I have a whole world to explore, people and it’s just about to begin.

That entertainment world better be ready for the best publicist/social media coordinator/public relations rep/promotions coordinator that they’ve ever seen! ..Again, I’m undecided about my life. It’s probably going to be a problem soon.

So, if you want a fun, charismatic (ha), intelligent, adventure-seeking, happy, INCREDIBLY OUTGOING, awesome graduate with a degree in Journalism, HIT ME UP SOON.. ‘Cause I really need one of those things called “a big kid job.”

LinkedIn SAY WHAT.