It’s Almost New Zealand Time!

Six months ago I downloaded the app, “Countdown,” and set my countdown for the day I leave for New Zealand to be reunited with my other half. Back then it was almost 200 days until the countdown ended but now here we are, mere days until I take off and I can’t believe it’s finallyContinue reading “It’s Almost New Zealand Time!”

How to Beat That Jet Lag Once and For All

Everyone knows that jet lag can be such a bummer. It can start your trip off on the wrong foot and impact it entirely. I know firsthand what it’s like to get off that plane and just want to curl up in a ball and sleep for days. When I first arrived in Paris toContinue reading “How to Beat That Jet Lag Once and For All”

What to do When a Stranger Asks You to Bike Throughout Europe with Him

What would you do if a random stranger emailed you saying he’d just read a travel article you wrote for the paper and then told you he wanted to invite you on a 1,000 mile European bike ride and wanted to know if you’d like to get coffee in a couple days to discuss (Phewwww,Continue reading “What to do When a Stranger Asks You to Bike Throughout Europe with Him”

I’ve Always Depended on the Kindness of Strangers; My First Day in Philly

I’m in Philly! This long awaited trip to visit my best friends on the east coast has FINALLY arrived. It’s been a long day of driving, flying, walking and now train-ing (I think I just made that verb up). Mom and I woke up around 3am to get ready to drive me to the airportContinue reading “I’ve Always Depended on the Kindness of Strangers; My First Day in Philly”

Newspaper Features & Adventure Preludes

As of tomorrow I’ll be spending *almost* a week in Pennsylvania traveling with some best friends and will therefore be posting a ton, obviously.. That is of course unless I’m arrested for stalking the Always Sunny cast.. But before all of that happens, I think it’s fitting to post a link to an article I wroteContinue reading “Newspaper Features & Adventure Preludes”

Next Adventure – To the Adventure Capital of the World

Alright, I think it’s time I addressed my next big trip and gave you guys some details.. Drum roll, please! My next trip will be.. A month long backpacking trip throughout New Zealand! Words cannot describe the excitement I have for this trip! How did NZ become my next grand adventure? Easy, my best friendContinue reading “Next Adventure – To the Adventure Capital of the World”

Remnants of a Broken Traveler’s Heart

Moving back home from Paris was something I’d been so excited about for a while.. Seeing my family, hanging out with friends, late night Taco Bell. I was so ready to have my own place, to catch up with everyone and to begin a new chapter in my life – even though I had noContinue reading “Remnants of a Broken Traveler’s Heart”

Medieval Adventures

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to explore new places. I can get lost in a hike and just lose myself in the wilderness being happier than if I was ever within civilization. New places and new adventures make me happy. So so happy. And today was no exception. A few friendsContinue reading “Medieval Adventures”

Change is a wonderful part of life

A lot of things have been filling my thoughts recently. Namely, what I’ll be doing after leaving Paris. And ya know what? I’ve discovered something about myself that I never quite recognized before.. That I wasn’t made for the typical 9-5 working American life. I guess I’ve always known I didn’t want that but itContinue reading “Change is a wonderful part of life”