An Open Letter to Quentin Dolmaire: My First French Celebrity Sighting in Paris

Hey Quentin Dolmaire, did you notice that random blonde American-looking girl stood mouth gaping open stopped in her tracks staring you down thirty minutes ago on the street by Madeleine? Because that was me.

I would have called out to you in adorable broken French if I could have breathed at the time but I was left without thoughts in my empty head as you jogged by.

You see, I kind of fell in love with you last week after seeing your first film, Trois Souvenirs de ma Jeunesse (reference my previous post on the full experience here to see just how much I mean it when I say I fell in love with you).

I may or may not have stood there yearning after you long after you’d gracefully flown past me. And I may or may not have roped my au pair child into helping me track you back down ten minutes later after I picked him up from school – that’s where I was on my way to when you caught my eye.. and took my breath.. and stopped my heart right there on that paved Parisian pathway.

Oh, my heart.

Published by MeganSuddarth

"Not all those who wander are lost." -Tolkien

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