Musée Grévin

Everyone knows that Paris is full of art and culture and beauty. There’s a museum around almost every corner and you can pretty much bet on the fact that you’ll see some type of art whether you’re out getting a street crêpe or you’re waltzing through a garden.

With that being said, I went to a lesser visited museum today with a different type of art than the rest of Paris.. Musée Grévin is a wax museum. And most definitely the best wax museum I’ve ever been to. Like seriously, I jumped on more than one occasion while walking past statues.. One of which in fact was not a statue. That’s right – there was a live man dressed as a wax statue in the museum who moved. I and the kiddos thought he was fake but as we slowly inched past, he started to follow us. Needless to say, I straight up screamed and literally jumped INTO the wall next to me. All other museum patrons around got a nice laugh and all I got was a bruise on my elbow. But no matter! I had a wonderful time and the pain was worth it.

I mean, just look at those fake faces! So real that I could have run off with Mr. George Clooney. Well..

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"Not all those who wander are lost." -Tolkien

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