Feeling Loved

I just need the world to know that I have the best friends in the entirety of the world.

Today, I received the most amazing package from them with all of my favorite things, stuff I’d been missing from home and some creative cards as well. They coordinated together to get me this awesome package while they were all moving across country and leaving home. That in itself is impressive. But what’s even more impressive is that they literally got me EVERYTHING that I told them I’d been missing from America. Sneaky little Aubs brought it up in our groupchat one day and got me going on what I was craving.. Little did I know that she went out and bought EVERY SINGLE ITEM THAT I LISTED THAT DAY and then paid an enormous fee to get it shipped internationally to me. I sat and bawled my eyes out while my two kiddos watched Madagascar. I’m serious.. their heartfelt notes and thoughtfulness in general just blew me away and made me unbelievably happy. I miss them so dang much and honestly can not wait to see their beautiful, sunshine-y faces once again.


IMG_5681IMG_3818 IMG_4883

Published by MeganSuddarth

"Not all those who wander are lost." -Tolkien

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