A New Adventure

So, I realize I haven’t posted in quite a long time on here. I blame that fact on life. Life is crazy busy. But anyway, I figured now is as good a time as any to pick back up and update, seeing as how I’m IN FRANCE FOR THE SUMMER. Yeah, that’s right, France. I am participating in an amazing study abroad opportunity for the summer and am privileged to be living in Lyon for the entirety of the summer with a host family.

I got to France a little over a week ago and spent the first four days in Paris with a group of 19 other students. The week was surreal. I saw everything that the city has to offer and my favorite part was Notre Dame by far. A group of friends and I just happened to arrive at the cathedral just minutes before a mass began so we were able to see an actual Catholic Mass happen in the historic Notre Dame Cathedral. It was absolutely wonderful and I’m not even Catholic. The experience was amazing. God is good. I’ve always dreamed of going to France since I was little and never thought it’d actually happen, especially not to LIVE here. Yeah, I’m blessed.

Notre Dame
Notre Dame

Anyway, I’m taking six credit hours over the summer but, get this, the courses are French Civilization (I love history) and French food and culture. WHAT. Yeah, food. So, needless to say, it’ll be a pretty spectacular summer.

I met my host family last Thursday and I cannot say enough nice things about them. I have a host mom and dad and three sisters.

Hiking with my host mom and two of my sisters.
Hiking with my host mom and two of my sisters.

They’re amazing and are already introducing me to many new things. Everything over here is better, especially the food. I’m trying (and loving) things over here that I’d never think to eat at home. And everything is so fresh! Gah, I love it! But tonight, tonight was the craziest thing I’ve tried thus far. Tonight, I had steak tartare. Yeah, that’s right. Raw hamburger with raw egg. I ATE THE ENTIRE THING. I’m so proud of myself. I’m loving it over here and the summer has just begun. Classes started yesterday and I even have a blast in them. I can’t wait for what God has in store for me this summer.

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