Caves Infected With White Nose Syndrome and Killer Human-bat Creatures

This week for class, we did a mobile assignment. For mine, I picked reporting on the local cave here in Columbia, MO and how it’s closed due to white nose syndrome in bats. The disease speeds up their metabolism while they’re hibernating and then they wake up hungry and search for food and die from the environment and such.

Anyway, going to the cave is one of my favorite things to do. I love it so much. The trails around it and throughout Rock Bridge Memorial State Park are absolutely breathtaking. However, there’s a downside; ever since I watched The Descent I always get the feeling that there are humanoid bat creatures in the cave that are just waiting to eat me. Dumb right? I know, but it’s a thought I get sometimes. If you haven’t watched it, then you definitely should. I’m not much for blood and gore, but this movie doesn’t abuse the privileges of guts spewing and people being eaten to death. No, instead you’re consumed in yelling at the characters to turn around and then screaming again when they’re too stupid to. Yeah, the gore is present, but it’s quick, therefore it doesn’t distract from the main purpose.. Which is to scare you out of going into caves.

You scared?

Luckily for me, it didn’t work. I have fears of creepy blind albino human-sized bats in caves, but nothing can stop me from exploring and venturing throughout the wilderness that God created in our world. Well, except for white nose syndrome, apparently.

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"Not all those who wander are lost." -Tolkien

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