Scream 4 Review

Well, I know it’s been out for quite a long time but this review is long overdue. Scream 4. That’s right, I said it. I absolutely love this movie. I’ve seen it about 30 times give or take a couple. Horror is my obsession and right now, Scre4m is the best in my opinion.

Ten years later. New decade, new rules.
Let’s start with the characters.

First, the obvious ones – Sidney Prescott, Officer Dewey (now the sheriff) and of course Gale Weathers (now Weathers-Riley). These three have been faithful throughout the entire franchise, encountering numerous near-death experiences. Sidney, the main character, is returning to Woodsboro for the “last stop on her book tour and first stop on her road to a new life.” Gale and Dewey have been married for the past ten years and are still living in Woodsboro, which as you can guess takes a toll on Gale and her ego. A small town life and small town husband gets to be rough for the former reporter that’s now focusing on fiction writing.

Now, the newbies – Jill Prescott, – Sid’s cousin – Kirby Reed, Olivia Morris (all three best friends), Charlie Walker, Robbie Mercer and Trevor Sheldon. These high school kids are basically replicas of the former main characters from the first Scream. Some might think that makes for a boring set of newbies, but each bring their own twist to this installment. Besides the high school kids, there’s also Deputy Judy Hicks, Deputy Hoss and Deputy Perkins. Now that Dewey has been promoted to sheriff, he has a small team behind him. Hicks is the typical girl-cop in love with her superior (Dewey), while Hoss and Perkins are the typical sidekicks that play an off-beat comedic routine throughout the movie.

And, for the plot.

As I already said, Sidney has come home to Woodsboro for the last stop on her book tour. The day she comes home, murders start to happen yet again. This time,  Sid’s cousin Jill is targeted and Sidney has to find a way to save her before Ghostface gets to her first. As everybody around both of them start to die, Sidney questions everything. The plot is the same as the first three before it, with all the blood spewing and guts ripping, but now that Sidney’s cousin is thrown into the mix we get a whole new perspective and get to see the impact that Sid’s past has had on not only her, but her family as well. Keeping with the theme of the previous Scream movies, rules are required. Now that it’s been ten years, obviously the rules for horror movies have changed. The standards are reversed because “modern audiences get savvy to the rules of the originals.”

Everything about this movie is amazing and even after seeing it about 30 times, I still can’t seem to take it out of the DVD player.

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