Series premiere: ‘Conan’ – 4 out of 5 stars

Posted to Arts & Entertainment by Megan Suddarth at 10:53 a.m., Nov. 9, 2010

Ten months after his departure from “The Tonight Show,” Conan O’Brien struck again, but this time on TBS with his new show, “Conan.”

The opening of the show featured a five-minute intro, which was a bit lengthy, though, a bit deserved due to the drama that went down between him and NBC.

The petty jokes directed toward NBC in the beginning made for a good little laugh, but after about 20 of those, accompanied by 15 reminders that Conan is now on just a basic cable network, the laughs tended to turn to boredom. They were revived all throughout the show, though, during the clever banter between Conan and the three guests featured on the show.

Throughout the interviews, Conan seemed to have everything nicely put together. Each set during the show was evenly spread and there was even a mechanical moving moon in the background of the set, which provided for some differentiation between the new “Conan” and other shows before.

Even with a brand new show and brand new network, however, “Conan” seemed to look like every other late night talk show that we’ve seen before — even with the moving moon.

With that said, “Conan” still looks like it will have a pretty solid following and might become quite successful due to the comedian’s ability to always comically converse with everyone involved in his shows.

Although the jokes might get old and there’s nothing different about “Conan” compared to other shows like it, it’s a pretty big hit in the making. As long as “Conan” is followed by the less-funny “Lopez Tonight,” I don’t think he has anything to worry about — any show can look good when preceding George Lopez’s feeble attempt at a talk show.

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