Backpacking Through the U.K.

I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring.

David Bowie

I’ve always been a light traveler, I go with what I need and leave the rest behind. So, it’s not surprising that I thrive on the road with nothing more than a pack on my back and a spring in my step. It was like this that I explored much of England and Wales and a tiny sliver of Ireland. I’ve some very good friends in the U.K. that I visited both in 2015 and 2016 who took me all around, showing me all I could have ever dreamed of seeing. With naught but a few essentials, we set out on the road, camping and exploring our way around. It was a beautiful time.

Back Stateside (For Now)

I’M HOME! After one year, eight countries and 22 cities, I’m back in America! It was one crazy ride of a year and I enjoyed every second. So much travel, so many foreigners, so much food. And now I’m back. After wheeling my oversized monster suitcases through Dublin and the airport and then an exhaustingContinue reading “Back Stateside (For Now)”

Liverpool & Chester: A Day of Chasing Down The Beatles & Resting at Central Perk

“You say you want a revolutiooooon..” I’m still in awe at what I did today.. Spending time walking down Mathew Street – Beatles capital of the world! I went into the iconic Cavern Club and listened to some live music, bought a Beatles’ hits record from the 60s and had the time of my life.Continue reading “Liverpool & Chester: A Day of Chasing Down The Beatles & Resting at Central Perk”

The Best Way to Travel – Advice From A Well-Traveled Traveler 

We travel the world to venture outside our own culture and absorb another. To travel is to gain knowledge like never before and to experience something outside of yourself. You expose yourself to the people around you and the vibrancy of whatever place you’re in at that time. Real travel means placing yourself in theContinue reading “The Best Way to Travel – Advice From A Well-Traveled Traveler “


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